Dentist Reservoir Can Save You Pain

Do you have tooth ache? Do you have throbbing pains, tenderness when biting, sensitivity to hot and cold foods? Do you have a large hole that required an extensive filling? These can all be indicators that you may need a root canal. The Dental Place, dentists for Reservoir and beyond, can help reduce pain and discomfort and save your tooth if at all possible.

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What about a Crown or Implant?

If your teeth cracks or breaks, it could be because of that large filling, extensive decay, or a previous root canal. You may feel panicky! Come in as soon as you can to The Dental Place, dentists to Reservoir, Greensborough, Preston, Heidelberg, Bundoora and beyond. It could be that a crown is your answer. Crowns are used to strengthen and restore teeth so that you can protect your teeth and keep them for longer. A crown is like a protective cap that is finely crafted and shaped to fit over your existing teeth. Alternatively, a same-day implant may be possible. We are happy to answer your questions and help you save your precious teeth.

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The Dental Place, Dentist Reservoir, can advise you!

We have quality dentists and a full array of dental services here at our dental clinic in Reservoir, from emergency care, teeth whitening, replacing missing teeth, teeth straightening, to improving your sleep. We will give you good advise and treatment so you can keep your teeth looking and feeling good. Phone (03) 9460 7070 for advice or an appointment. Alternatively, you can use the contact form to contact our Reservoir Dentists.

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I want a whiter smile!

Get a whiter smile!

Ageing, smoking, red wine, tea, coffee and medication are just some of the reasons why teeth become discoloured and stained. We have a highly effective and safe option for you!

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I want to save my tooth!

Don’t loose that tooth!

Years ago many teeth with problems such as large holes were doomed for extraction. Not today! We may be able to save your teeth rather than you lose them! Come in today!

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I want to sleep!

Tired of Snoring & Grinding?

Do you or your partner snore. Have they been diagnosed with Sleep Apnoea? Want to get a decent nights’ sleep? Contact Reservoir Dentists to see how we may be able to help you.

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Come in to Dentist Reservoir and see how we can help you. We are sure you will love the service we can give you.

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